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Some commonly & frequently asked questions...

Here’s the usual questions people ask, but if you want to know anything else, please get in touch


IS THE WEDDING CEREMONY LEGAL? A Celebrant Wedding is not currently legally binding in the UK and if that is something that is important to you, then you will need to be married by a registrar first. Hopefully, things will soon change…

WHERE CAN WE HAVE THE CEREMONY? Ideally, anywhere you like! Celebrant led ceremonies can take place in all sorts of wonderful venues including alternative ones such as theatres, back gardens, beaches or roof tops. The only limit is your imagination (and health and safety regulations!)

WHO ELSE CAN GET INVOLVED? Anyone you want. Perhaps you’d like your dog to be a ring bearer, or maybe your children to participate in a meaningful ritual. A parent or friend might like to read a poem. There are many options to include your loved ones in your special day. 

WHAT ELSE CAN I INCLUDE IN MY DAY? Elements, rituals, music, readings, certificate signings, declarations, vows, promises, and so much more. 

WILL YOU TRAVEL? I’m happy to work anywhere. I charge 50p a mile outside of a 25-mile radius from my home in North West London. Any accommodation fees and wider travel expenses will be discussed. 

WHO DO YOU DO CEREMONIES FOR? You. Love is Love. End of. 

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